Coffees between every members of your team ?

An easy and efficient way to create interaction

Why MugPlanner ?

Create link, stimulate interaction

Human relationship is back.

Find again a creative dynamic link after the disaster of the pandemic.

A better operational performance.

More fluid relations between and within teams

Exchange of advice, sharing of experiences and ideas

A significant impact on the performance of your business. (A. Pentland)

An automated, simple and inexpensive solution.

A quick win, easy to implement (5 min), at a price of 65€ per month per 250 users.

How does it work ?

A fully integrated process automated


I subscribe to MugPlanner

By downloading the relevant emails

By defining the frequency, day, duration, time and start date of the coffees


I communicate internally

By email, on Linkedin, Yammer...

We provide you with all related documentation!


Mug Planner invites employees

Via an explanatory e-mail and Google Calendar invitations (possibility for employees to accept, refuse, withdraw from the programme)


MugPlanner constitutes the pairs

Every Sunday evening, in the slots generated at the beginning of the experiment


I am informed of the progress of the coffees

Thanks to the dashboard available on my space (past and future coffees, participation rate...)

Frequently asked questions

MugPlanner was designed to stimulate the productivity and commitment of your teams, by (re)placing people at the heart of your business.

Mug Planner is aimed at all communities whose members are happy to meet and exchange.

It can be an entire company, a business unit, targeted populations within a company (e.g. young talent). It can also be members of cooperatives, universities, coworking spaces, incubators or even members of a holiday club or association.

The ability of an employee to have an internal network outside the hierarchical field is a key performance factor. It allows for a more fluid flow of ideas within the company, facilitates problem solving, and provides a broader vision of the role and impact of the employee within the organisation.

Also, sharing ideas across teams and departments gives perspective to each other's work, leading to real "useful and creative thinking" (Alex Pentland, academic research).

The emails are stored in the database, which is hosted by AWS. The emails are only used for sending invitations and are not used for commercial purposes or sold to third parties. A report on the use of this data is available in the administrator area.

The allocation of pairs is fully automated. What we lose in parameterisation, we gain in the simplicity of the discourse. Everyone is equal and has the right to the same consideration. There is therefore no favouritism.

If the administrator configures the schedule for virtual coffee shops, we recommend not to put these coffee shops on break times.

Clearly, the populations that will have the opportunity to work together. Indeed, productivity gains can be significant if they are colleagues with similar functions, where advice (mentoring, etc.) is very useful. It can also be a question of employees belonging to related departments.

In this case, the productivity gains come from the opportunity to explore new ideas, to create a new relationship that can ultimately smooth and improve relationships as a whole.

The main advantage of MugPlanner is that it is easy to create short meetings between employees in a simple and efficient way.

The "lunch" format adds a geographical (almost exclusively face-to-face) and time constraint (longer than a simple coffee).

in this case, The easiest is to define two distinct communities, for example, one English speaking and the other French speaking, with coffees set on different days.

Therefor, those who speak French and English will be able to participate in both communities.

Yes, you only need to set up the mailings for one week ahead and group the invitations in a specific time slot.

Who we are

MugPlanner, a product by Orizon

Orizon offers you a turnkey digital solution to animate your team meetings and 1-to1s by integrating the best practices of lean management, participative and emotional management.

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65€ / month

  • For each level of community of up to 250 people
  • Configurable number of level
  • Number of coffees per week can be set
  • Coffee duration and time slot can be set

With a 15-day trial period and the possibility to cancel at any time

Any question ? Don't wait any longer